A Colorful Blockchain Applications Framework

Powered Proof of Stake,Sidechains,Decentralized Applications Framework,Colored Token,Trim...

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Features of ColoredChain

ColoredChain enable efficient,secure,smart,scalable blockchain applications platform with Powered Proof of Stake,Sidechains,Decentralized Applications Framework,Colored Token,Trim features.

Powered Proof of Stake

ColoredChain adopts a virtual mining PoS consensus mechanism named Powered Proof of Stake,aims to be a efficient,light,environment friendly system.

Also with counterparty economic disincentivize to prevent petential attacks,such as'Nothing at Stake',make a more secure platform.



MasterChain and SideChain architecture provides more flexible,scalable,clear framework to deploy applications.

Materchain manages only one type transaction and secures the P2P network,aims to be as more lightweight and simple as possible.

All other transactions type and applications built on coloredchain will be placed on sidechains.


Decentralized Applications Framework

Coloredchain will build in a Vitual Machine(CVM) to provide a runtime environment for DApps.

Coloredchain will also include a modularized Toolkit for developers and end users to write DApps more easily.

For users,they just need install DApps in Plugin Kit to use them for their business.

Decentralized Applications Framework

Colored Token Platform

Coloredchain will pre-build in the first decentralized application - colored token platform,allows users to create and exchange digital assets globally.

Users can build gateways to form a global trading market with any assets,such as Bitcoin,Ethereum,precious metals,shares,forex,and so on.

No single point failure,totally transparent,almost rea-time,fully decentralized,secure.

Decentralized Asset Platform


The Masterchain and Sidechain architecture allows to trim transactions of sidechains without any potential risk. All transactions on sidechains will be trimed periodically,and only save the hash of snapshot on blockchain.

Trim will decrease size of database dramatically,make it possible to run coloredchain nodes on most devices,like smartphone,and IOT area. Lightweight will let run nodes on mobile device more suitably and easily,make coloredchain nodes more decentralized and more secure.


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Decentralized Applications Platform


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